How MonetizeNow helps CaptivateIQ get Quotes out in record time


Cody Burke


December 21, 2022

How MonetizeNow helps CaptivateIQ get Quotes out in record time
How MonetizeNow helps CaptivateIQ get Quotes out in record time

What was CaptivateIQ looking for?

CaptivateIQ was looking to sunset their manual ordering process which was causing errors, rep anxiety, bad data in Salesforce and lost time in selling.

CaptivateIQ wanted a CPQ with the following requirements:

  • A modern interface and future-proof architecture that could support features like in-app upsells, consumption-based quoting, partner selling and many more.
  • Easy-to-operate so that no additional FTE is needed to manage the platform
  • Fast and easy-to-use for the sales reps so that they can spend more time selling

Why CaptivateIQ selected MonetizeNow?

CaptivateIQ considered Salesforce CPQ, DealHub, Nue and RevOps but the issues were either painful implementation, poor flexibility, or not primed for the future.

MonetizeNow Platform presented a unique architecture of unified CPQ and Billing which meant that quote-to-cash can be fully automated freeing up RevOps team to work on more strategic tasks.

MonetizeNow architecture allows servicing all sales-channels (web, sales-led and even partners) in one platform. Additionally MonetizeNow brought following to the table:

  • Easy-to-use and fast interface allows sales people to quote quickly and spend more time selling
  • Ability to do in-product self-serve upgrades
  • Amendments and renewals are fully automated
  • Flexible and Powerful Approval Workflow implied deal desk can be fully automated with support for individuals and even teams approving.
  • Ability to quote complex enterprise deals – ramps, account-based pricing, upfront billing, non-standard contract lengths and more
  • Generate clean order forms
  • 100% automation for invoice generation
  • Rapid go-live

Key Metric Improvement

  • ~40% improvement in Quoting Time
  • 100% error-free quotes
  • 100% automation (no manual copying of data from Quote to the CRM)

How CaptivateIQ Benefited from MonetizeNow

  • Drastically reduced the amount of time it took for sales reps to get quotes out the door. By automating a lot of manual processes, it freed users up to spend more time selling.
  • DocuSign Tags feature means you don't have to copy the customer information into DocuSign. The integration also removes any manual work for creating the order form and the MSA can be automatically attached and sent for signing.
  • Sales reps don’t have to worry about copying data to Salesforce anymore –  MonetizeNow platform automates sending revenue/forecasting metrics to Salesforce
  • Ramped deals are now a breeze to configure
  • Sales reps are now starting to use the platform for amendments and renewals, which will reduce time it takes for the sales to generate a quote, as well as making it easy to upsell and update prices that have changed since the original quote.
  • 5-step Amendment Process


By implementing MonetizeNow's CPQ & Billing platform, businesses can reduce the time it takes to prepare quotes while also increasing accuracy. This not only benefits their customers by providing them with faster service, but also helps to increase operational efficiency across the board. By enabling sales reps to quickly create accurate quote documents and streamlining the entire quote-to-cash process, organizations are able to realize greater success in their quote delivery efforts.

If you’re interested in learning more about MonetizeNow, please check out our product page or schedule a demo.

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