Fixing Enterprise Monetization

MonetizeNow was started with a simple yet powerful insight that to solve the problems of Monetization for a modern B2B SaaS company (PLG + SLG, rapid pricing changes, consumption billing, amendments, renewals), the Quoting system (CPQ) and Billing need to come together.

Our Values

We are a proud values-driven company


Trust is built on the foundation of transparency, integrity, and honesty


More true than ever for remote-first work culture. We believe in collaboration


We started the company by challenging the status quo. We love tinkerers.

Attention To Detail

Whether it is a pixel or a calculation, we pay a lot of attention to what we do.

Drive Outcomes

Finish what you start, follow through, and measure the impact of your outcomes


Mutual respect irrespective of title, experience or expertise. No bullying tolerated.

Founding Team

Building the future of Enterprise Monetization

Sandeep Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, MonetizeNow

Sandeep Jain

CEO | Co-Founder

Jeff Gibson, CTO & Co-Founder, MonetizeNow

Jeff Gibson

CTO | Co-Founder


Our Investors

We are backed by incredible investors and angels who have deep expertise in B2B SaaS.

Two Sigma Logo

Two Sigma

Uncork Capital Logo

Uncork Capital

Uncork Capital Logo


Uncork Capital Logo


Jack Altman, CEO/Co-founder Lattice

Jack Altman

CEO/Co-founder Lattice

Abhinav Asthana CEO/Founder Postman

Abhinav Asthana

CEO/Founder Postman

John Kodumal. CTO/Co-founder LaunchDarkly

John Kodumal

CTO/Co-founder LaunchDarkly

Jason Warner, Former CTO, GitHub

Jason Warner

Former CTO, GitHub

Grant Miller,, CEO/Founder Replicated

Grant Miller

CEO/Founder Replicated


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