The Best Salesforce CPQ Alternative

Salesforce CPQ has been a popular choice for most sales teams given that "No one got fired from choosing Salesforce". However, Salesforce CPQ was not built for SaaS and has multiple issues. Find out why Enterprises are now moving away from it.

Issues with Salesforce CPQ


Standalone CPQ

Every GTM iteration requires complex, time-consuming and expensive integration with the downstream billing system


Too Clunky

Not user friendly, too slow,  difficult to configure, steep learning curve, not a modern tool


Negative RoI

 Complex to implement, several hidden costs, requires salesforce developers,  non-stop requirement of external professional services

Why RevOps teams are switching to MonetizeNow

"You don't need to be 10x certified to use MonetizeNow"

Salesforce CPQ

New Quotes

Ramped Deals

Team and Record Level Permissions

Self-serve channel

Partner channel

Modern user interface

Easy to configure

Fast and snappy

Amendments and Renewals tied seamlessly to Billing

Work with multiple instances of Salesforce CRM

Integrated Usage Quoting and Processing

Flexible Rules Engine

Create multiple sandboxes with ease

Error-free conversion of quotes to invoices

Rich and granular APIs

How do we help?

Change management is hard. Ripping out existing CPQ requires work and planning. That’s why we are offering a no-risk trial and $0 migration. We will  set up your product catalog, approval rules, templates and your sales process and in our system with an expected go-live within 2-4 weeks.

Benefits to you: Scale revenue faster, high salesperson and customer satisfaction, and saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.