March 2024 Product Notes


Zach Weinstein


April 3, 2024

March 2024 Product Notes
March 2024 Product Notes

It's been an exciting March for our team. We’re excited to share feature updates to help our customers’ Finance teams increase revenue and save time.

New features

Automate Invoice reminders and payment collection with Dunning

  • Why we built it: Reminding customers about upcoming Invoice due dates, overdue Invoices, and retrying payment collection shouldn’t be hard work. It should be automated to collect more cash and faster!
  • Expert tips:
    • Consider a different Dunning process for your smaller vs. larger customers to ensure more tailored communication
    • CC a shared Customer Success / Account Management email address to ease tracking of communications
  • See docs for more detail.

Unpaid invoice links on PDF

Decrease time to payment for overdue Invoices by increasing discoverability 

  • Why we built it: Asking your customers to search through their email to find unpaid Invoices is a waste of your and their time.  Why not always share a list of unpaid Invoices along with links every time you send out an Invoice?  
  • See docs for more detail.

One-time Invoices

Charge one-off fees over and above subscription amounts without the need to create a Quote.  

  • Why we built it: Billing users shouldn’t need to make a Quote to charge one-off fees to returning previously delinquent customers or charge a late fee.  
  • Expert tips: If the fee you’re charging requires approval by the buyer at your customer, we recommend using One-time Offerings on a Quote instead of One-time Invoices.  
  • See docs for more detail.

Sequential invoice numbering at the Tenant and Bill Group level

  • Why we built it:
    • Invoices numbered sequentially across the tenant reduces fraud risk.
    • Invoices numbered sequentially for each Bill Group improves your team’s ability to converse with customers to get Invoices paid quickly.
  • Expert tips: Train your GTM team to reference Invoices by the last digits as “the invoice ending in dash n” to ease communications.
  • See docs for more detail.

Tax calculation with Avalara

Automatically calculate and charge customers sales tax based on your company’s Nexus.  

  • Why we built it: Using a sales tax calculation platform, such as Avalara, connected to MonetizeNow automates tax compliance, thus ensuring your business isn’t on the hook for excess taxes you should have collected or out of compliance with government requirements.   
  • Expert tips: Before going live, we recommend testing the integration by connecting your MonetizeNow sandbox to your Avalara sandbox.  When you’re ready, connect your MonetizeNow production account to your Avalara production account.  
  • See docs for more detail.


MonetizeNow announces general availability of Tax Integrations

Are you on the latest MonetizeNow Salesforce or HubSpot connector?  

We continue to update our CRM connectors to increase reliability and enable access to new MonetizeNow features (e.g. CRM field mapping) mentioned above.  Take a moment to check that you’re on the latest version.  

  • Salesforce: V0.37
  • HubSpot: no need to check - updates automatically
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