April 2024 Product Notes


Zach Weinstein


May 3, 2024

April 2024 Product Notes
April 2024 Product Notes

It's been an exciting April for our team. We’re excited to share feature updates to help our customers’ Revenue Operations and Finance teams increase revenue and save time.

New features


Enhanced Approvals, Validations, and Conditional Terms Rules. 

‍Employ advanced, personalized logic using any Quote property to enforce your sales best practices.

  • Why RevOps love it: Complete ownership and automation of sales best practices, with the ability to test rules before implementation.
  • Why Sales Reps love it: Clear guidance on best practices, reducing administrative time.
  • See docs for more detail.

CC additional recipients on DocuSign envelopes to get your Quotes signed faster.  

  • Why Sales loves it: The person you are selling to may not be the same person who signs the Quote.  Help get your Quote signed faster by CCing your contact(s) on the DocuSign envelope. 
  • Expert tip: CC multiple folks at your prospect / customer
  • See docs for more detail.  


View and share Credit Note and Credit documents with your customers

  • Why Finance loves it: Seeing the details of generation (e.g. which products on a Credit Note) and applications (which invoice(s) applied to) is now a breeze. No need to go into Reporting!
  • See docs (Credit Notes, Credits) for more detail.  

Email additional recipients in Dunning using email addresses maintained in your CRM

  • Why Finance loves it
    • Get paid faster by emailing all of the relevant parties at your customer when invoices are unpaid.  
    • Get paid faster by keeping your internal team members managing overdue accounts
    • Ease management of Dunning contacts by mapping from CRM instead of maintaining in MonetizeNow.  
  • See docs for more detail.  

In-App Documentation & Support

‍Access instant answers and clarifications on monetization questions directly within the platform. Admins can also submit requests for clarification or suggestions for improving your MonetizeNow experience.

  • Reasons to be excited: Save time, gain instant clarity on MonetizeNow functionality, and enjoy 100% transparency for smoother business operations.
  • Expert tip: This is available for all of your users - not just admins!  
  • See docs for more detail.


Are you on the latest MonetizeNow Salesforce or HubSpot connector?  

We continue to update our CRM connectors to increase reliability and enable access to new MonetizeNow features (e.g. CRM field mapping) mentioned above.  Take a moment to check that you’re on the latest version.  

  • Salesforce: V0.38.1
  • HubSpot: no need to check - updates automatically
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