February 2024 Product Notes


Zach Weinstein


March 4, 2024

February 2024 Product Notes
February 2024 Product Notes

It's been an awesome February for our team. We’re excited to share feature updates and an exciting new Tax partnership to help you and your team.

🌟 New features


View Quotes as your customer before they go out; approve with confidence by seeing more detail. 

Toggle between draft view and your customer’s view of a Quote without impacting approvals.  

  • Why approvers love it: aid in your approval decision by looking at detailed information (e.g. pricing tiers, billing schedule) which may not be shown to your customer.  
  • Why Sales Reps love it: you’re only ever one click away from previewing the quote the way your customer will see it without needing to submit for approval. 
  • See docs for more detail. 

Cancel Contract

Cancel a Contract during its term.  

  • Why we built it: Your system of record must properly reflect the current state of your customers.  Sometimes, your customer doesn’t pay and you need to cancel the contract as of a particular date.  
  • Expert tips: Canceling a Contract is only necessary to record a severing of the relationship before the Contract naturally terminates.  If the customer does not renew, no need to cancel it.  
  • See docs for more detail.  

Incremental ARR in HubSpot

Track account and contract growth by seeing Incremental ARR in your Hubspot Deals

  • Why we built it: We believe that having visibility on the right revenue metrics enables best-in-class decision making; and we believe that Incremental ARR is the (or a key component of the) critical measure to organize around.
  • Expert tips: Incremental ARR isn’t just a Deal level metric it goes all the way down to the Line Item level. Use this granular data to rapidly measure and manage product trends and build a deep understanding of sources of growth and pricing pressure.
  • Try it: No steps required! If you have connected your Hubspot CRM to MonetizeNow we will be providing these insights for all Hubspot Deals. This metric is also available in Salesforce for our customers who use SFDC as their CRM of choice.


Tax calculation using our friends at Anrok. 

Automatically calculate and charge customers sales tax based on your company’s Nexus.  

  • Why we built it: Using a sales tax calculation platform, such as Anrok, connected to MonetizeNow automates tax compliance, thus ensuring your business isn’t on the hook for excess taxes you should have collected or out of compliance with government requirements.   
  • Expert tips: Before going live, we recommend testing the integration by connecting your MonetizeNow sandbox to your Anrok sandbox.  When you’re ready, connect your MonetizeNow production account to your Anrok production account.  
  • See docs for more detail.  

Simple address management in your CRM on Account

Use addresses from CRM Account or Contact to match your CRM configuration.  

  • Why we built it: Accurate addresses are critical for tax calculations and compliance.  Managing addresses at the Account level in CRM is often simpler than managing at the Contact level.  
  • Try it: On a Quote, Bill Group, or Invoice, change your address setting to Account Addresses.  If you’d like to make the change for all New Quotes, update your default address setting for your MonetizeNow tenant.  
  • Expert tips: Set up your organization for success by using either Contact addresses or Account addresses in your CRM (and setting the corresponding default in MonetizeNow). Minimize complexity by using Account addresses where possible.  
  • See docs for more detail.  

📢 Announcements

MonetizeNow and TechTorch Announce Strategic Partnership

In case you missed it, we announced a partnership with TechTorch, the cutting-edge AI-powered Professional Services Platform. We’re excited about the impact of this partnership to enable even the most complex companies to revolutionize their Go-To-Market (GTM).  See the press release for more detail.  

Are you on the latest MonetizeNow Salesforce or HubSpot connector?  

We continue to update our CRM connectors to increase reliability and enable access to new MonetizeNow features (e.g. CRM field mapping) mentioned above.  Take a moment to check that you’re on the latest version.  

  • Salesforce: V0.37
  • HubSpot: no need to check - updates automatically
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