June 2024 Product Notes


Zach Weinstein


July 3, 2024

June 2024 Product Notes
June 2024 Product Notes

We are thrilled to announce our LARGEST monthly release yet, featuring our revolutionary Amendments experience. This exciting update allows your Sales Reps the flexibility to expand customer contracts however you and your customer choose, while ensuring your Finance team is delighted with automated accurate invoices - no matter how complex the Amendment. 


⭐ New features


The Ultimate Amendment Experience - upsell, cross-sell, down-sell while co-terming, extending, or any other change!

MonetizeNow Ultimate Amendment Experience for CPQ

Land + Expand:  The “Expand” aspect is key to growing your existing customer relationships. Our updated Amendments experience enables your Revenue team to expand Contracts by upgrading, increasing quantities, extending terms, or implementing any additional changes you need.  All of this is seamlessly integrated with accurate CRM reporting and Invoicing.  

  • Why RevOps Love It: Sales Reps won’t come to you asking for exceptions anymore - they’ll be focused on expanding customer relationships instead. Plus, your reporting will be fully automated, streamlining your workflow. 
  • Why Sales Reps & CSMs Love It: Any contract change can be made to meet your customer’s needs.  
  • Why Your Customers Love It: Transparently seeing the entire Contract term makes it easy to understand what you will pay and what you will get.  

Expert Tip for RevOps: Collaborate closely with your Finance team to establish a clear policy for handling your historic Contract changes. While MonetizeNow provides the flexibility to manage these changes and ensures accurate Invoicing outcomes, you might consider restricting past alterations to align with your business requirements. 

NOTE: This feature is currently being rolled out, starting with customers who do not use usage-based pricing. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager. 

  • See docs for more detail.  

Compare to other Fields rather than just values for Approvals and Validations

  • Why RevOps Love It: Evaluate more complex rules to meet your business goals, including comparing to CRM fields by mapping CRM Opportunity field to MonetizeNow Quote fields.
  • Example Rule: Keep your CRM data clean by requiring Approval if Quote Expiration Date > Opportunity Close Date
  • See docs for more detail


MonetizeNow Setup Workflow Example for CPQ

Revamped Quote Header

  • Why everyone loves it: All functions are organized into intuitive categories, simplifying your quote creation process. Quickly fill in details, contact info, and dates with ease, streamlining your workflow for faster quoting.


Bill Run Execution & Bulk Invoice Sending

While MonetizeNow can automate everything for you, you may want more control, especially for larger customers where an address requiring update, missing PO number, or incorrect usage metering could hurt the relationship.  

  • Why Finance Loves It: Take full control of when Invoices are created and sent to meet the varying needs of your customers.  
  • Expert Tip: Use Account custom fields coupled with CRM Account field to MonetizeNow Account field mapping to filter your Bill Run by your company’s CRM data.  
  • See docs for more detail


MonetizeNow Bill Run Example for CPQ

View Billing Schedule by Customer

  • Why CSMs Love It: When your customer asks "When is my next Invoice? How much is it for? When does my Contract end?", CSMs have a single place to go to answer all customer billing related questions.
  • See docs for more detail.  

MonetizeNow View Billing Schedule by Customer Example for CPQ

Unbilled Invoice Report

  • Why Finance Loves It: Stop guessing your cash inflows!  Forecast cash inflows from your Contracts based on when Invoices will actually be sent and due rather than estimating.  
  • See docs for more detail.  

Invoice Memo

  • Why Finance Loves It: Add context to each Invoice individually.  This is especially useful for adding a few seats on an Amendment and providing the new user IDs on the Invoice for added context.  
  • Expert Tip: Couple with Invoice Terms to communicate information about your company (e.g. W-9 form) to get paid faster.  
  • See docs for more detail.  

📃 Platform

Tenant Time Zone

  • Why Everyone Loves It: All users in your organization as well as your customers see dates in MonetizeNow and on documents in the same time zone.  No more sitting in New York City talking to a customer in San Francisco about an Invoice and seeing a different date!  
  • Expert Tip: Set your Accounting System and CRM time zones the same 
  • See docs for more detail.  

📣 Announcements

Are You on Our Latest Salesforce or HubSpot Connector?  

We continue to update our CRM connectors to increase reliability and enable access to new MonetizeNow features (e.g. CRM field mapping) mentioned above. Take a moment to check that you’re on the latest version.  

  • Salesforce: V0.39
  • HubSpot: No need to check - updates automatically

About MonetizeNow

Founded in 2021, MonetizeNow is revolutionizing GTM operations for B2B SaaS Enterprises of any size. At MonetizeNow, our mission is simple: to make B2B commerce completely frictionless and provide a delightful experience for your customers to do business with you. 

Our innovative platform combines Quoting/CPQ, Metering, Billing, and Reporting, to deliver a truly plug-and-play Quote-to-Cash experience across all sales channels.

It’s time to empower your Sales, RevOps, and Finance teams with an all-in-one solution that will revolutionize your entire business. Reduce manual tasks, allowing a stronger focus on strategic pricing and innovative GTM strategies. Generate complex quotes quickly and enjoy full automation of your billing processes. Easily handle proration, co-term agreements, and renewals for seamless operations.

Get back to focusing on value. If you can build it, you can sell it with MonetizeNow.

If you’re interested in learning more about MonetizeNow, please check out our product page or schedule a demo.

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