May 2024 Product Notes


Zach Weinstein


June 4, 2024

May 2024 Product Notes
May 2024 Product Notes

May has been full of fun and exciting developments from our team. We’re excited to share several feature updates that will help your Revenue Operations and Finance teams succeed.

New features

Credit & Rebill

Fix errors on Invoices with transactional history integrity and automated tax recalculation.  

  • Why Finance loves it: Ensuring your invoice data cannot be altered after finalization is essential for preventing fraud and eliminating customer surprises. Credit and Rebill allows your Finance team to correct inaccurate invoice data while preserving the integrity of your transaction history.
  • See docs for more detail.

Partial Payments

Allow customers to pay their Invoice in part.

  • Why Finance loves it: Delight your customers by enabling them to pay a single Invoice with multiple payments from different business units at your customer with no overhead required for their Finance team.  
  • We know that partial payment acceptance may not match your business goals. So, we leave it to you to turn this on in your Tenant’s Payments Settings.  
  • See docs for more detail.

Salesforce Account to MonetizeNow Account Field Mapping

Ingest Salesforce data

  • Why RevOps loves it: Now, all the data that is available to segment your customers to derive insights can be available in MonetizeNow!  
  • Why Finance loves it: Use Salesforce data to drive your Dunning processes (see below).  
  • See docs for more detail.

Manage Dunning Recipients from Your CRM

  • Why Finance loves it: Your most accurate Contact information lives in your CRM, so why not use it to send overdue Invoice reminders to increase your AR collection rate and speed?
  • See docs for more detail.


Are you on our latest Salesforce or HubSpot connector? 

We continue to update our CRM connectors to increase reliability and enable access to new MonetizeNow features (e.g. CRM field mapping) mentioned above. Take a moment to check that you’re on the latest version.  

  • Salesforce: V0.38.1
  • HubSpot: No need to check - updates automatically
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