September 2023 Product Notes


Cody Burke


September 12, 2023

September 2023 Product Notes
September 2023 Product Notes

New Features

Multiple Legal Entities for Both CPQ and Billing

What are Legal Entities? Legal Entities are dedicated business units, usually in different countries, and they process distinct company information.

  • For instance, MonetizeNow has two different Legal Entities - MonetizeNow U.S. and MonetizeNow Netherlands B.V. to sell globally in a compliant way.  
  • Use Case: My Company is “MonetizeNow” and I want to sell to companies in both North America, and Europe. Owing to considerations like GDPR, the company alters the way it handles data and company information, necessitating the operation as two separate entities. Once both entities are setup in MonetizeNow, the information on the quote will vary based on the selected entity, facilitating precise tracking of financial transactions per Subsidiary.

MonetizeNow enables setting up multiple Legal Entities / Subsidiaries.  

  • Each subsidiary can maintain unique addresses, approval rules / approvers, eterms and conditions, and more.
  • Each subsidiary can have their own selling currency(s), product offerings, and prices.
  • The quoting process seamlessly connects with billing, enabling separate billing for each of your Legal Entities.
  • Furthermore, MonetizeNow seamlessly integrates with Netsuite Subsidiaries
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Customizable Display Frequency


  • Your pricing is currently displayed at the same frequency as it is billed. However, there may be situations where you want to sell on an annual upfront basis while still presenting the price as a monthly rate. This approach can assist in mitigating sticker shock when offering multi-year or annual deals.

How We Solve It:

  • We address this issue with the "Customizable Display Frequency" feature, which grants you complete control over the displayed pricing frequency. For example, you can set it as monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other preferred interval (e.g., $1,200/year, $300/quarter, $100/month).
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Minimum Commit in Advance


  • You want to want to receive Minimum Commitments in advance of processing usage. Consider a scenario where you enter into a contract on January 1st, but usage isn't being processed until January 31st. You want to ensure that you will receive payment so you would like to receive a minimum commit on the 1st, which will then be adjusted on the 31st.

Why would you want this feature?

  • Improves cash flow timing.
  • It lowers the risk associated with non-payment for services that have already been provided.
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About MonetizeNow

Founded in 2021, MonetizeNow is revolutionizing GTM operations for B2B SaaS Enterprises of any size. At MonetizeNow, our mission is simple: to make B2B commerce completely frictionless and provide a delightful experience for your customers to do business with you. 

Our innovative platform combines Quoting/CPQ, Metering, Billing, and Reporting, to deliver a truly plug-and-play Quote-to-Cash experience across all sales channels.

It’s time to empower your Sales, RevOps, and Finance teams with an all-in-one solution that will revolutionize your entire business. Reduce manual tasks, allowing a stronger focus on strategic pricing and innovative GTM strategies. Generate complex quotes quickly and enjoy full automation of your billing processes. Easily handle proration, co-term agreements, and renewals for seamless operations.

Get back to focusing on value. If you can build it, you can sell it with MonetizeNow.

If you’re interested in learning more about MonetizeNow, please check out our product page or schedule a demo.

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