Q1 2024 Recap: Grow this Spring with MonetizeNow 🌱


Matthew Black


April 3, 2024

Q1 2024 Recap: Grow this Spring with MonetizeNow 🌱
Q1 2024 Recap: Grow this Spring with MonetizeNow 🌱

The MonetizeNow team has been working diligently to build an exceptional monetization experience to you and your team. As spring awakens, we wanted to ensure you are taking full advantage of some of our favourite recent releases.

Recent Favourites

📃 In-App Documentation & Support

Access instant answers and clarifications on monetization questions directly within the platform. Admins can also submit requests for clarification or suggestions for improving your MonetizeNow experience.

  • Reasons to be excited: Save time, gain instant clarity on MonetizeNow functionality, and enjoy 100% transparency for smoother business operations.
  • Check out our docs for more detail.

⚙️ Enhanced Approvals, Validations, and Conditional Terms Rules

Employ advanced, personalized logic, use any quote property to enforce your sales best practices.

  • Why RevOps love it: Complete ownership and automation of sales best practices, with the ability to test rules before implementation.
  • Why Sales Reps love it: Clear guidance on best practices, reducing administrative time.
  • Check out our docs for the full details

🪴 Growth Auto-Pilot Essentials

  1. Grow Net Dollar Retention: Automate contract renewals with predetermined price uplifts.
  2. Streamline Operational Cost and Complexity: Seamlessly automate billing with integrations for Payment (Stripe), Tax (Avalara, Anrok), and Accounting (QBO, NetSuite).
  3. Increase Collected Revenues: Reduce missed payments with automated, personalized, collection reminders.
  4. Promote Higher Margin Deals: Combine Custom CRM Fields with Quoting Rules to automate your ideal sales process.

Explore all our Q1 updates on our blog or our evolving documentation to stay current to MonetizeNow.

For any questions or to learn more about making the most of MonetizeNow, don't hesitate to  reach out to the MonetizeNow team.

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